How to find a good accountant

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How to find a good accountant

June 30, 2018 Accountants 0

If you do not already have an accountant, choose one early on in your new business venture. Business is a venture and sound advice from some one who knows what they are talking about is essential.

How do you find a good accountant?

  • You are seeking a person who specialise in small businesses, and even may speclialise in your particular line of business.
  • A person who tells you straight out when your business is faltering, or indeed when it is done well.
  • An Accountant can see the bigger picture, bringing his or her experience to bear on your business, and should be sound advisor, some one who can talk openly without fear of being ridiculed or bamboozled by jargon. Never hide things from your accountant, who needs to know all your financial circumstances before giving advice.
  • You need an accountant who is suitably qualified. In Ireland, the word accountant is not protected by law, so make sure your accountant is either a Chartered Accountant (ACA or FCA). They have to earn they CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points to keep themselves upto date.
  • Personal recommendation by some one whose opinion you can trust is a good start, but you should be wise to enquire into 2 or 3 accountants before choosing the right person for you. Meet them, Judge whether they are kind of person you can work with.
  • Small firm of accountants, or sole proprietors are often the best people for very small business.  It is better to avoid the large firms, who tend to be expensive, although they might have a small business specialist in the team.
In the end only you or your business partner can decide which accountant to chose. Make sure that all partners or directors meet the accountant and get on with him or her. You donot have to be close friends, but you will be working closer together, perhaps for many years.



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