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Back to work Enterprise Allowance

The Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA) scheme is for people who wants to become self employed and currently getting certain social welfare payments.
The Government provides a financial support with the costs of setting up your business.
In order to be approved for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, applicant is also required to submit a business plan as part of your application for the scheme which sets out the rationale and requirement for financial support. Professional business plan helps to complete the business plan and application form.
What constitutes a business plan?
Business Plan is a tool to help you think out and plan your business before you start. Writing up a Business Plan takes you through a series of questions that you may not have considered but which are very important in determining whether or not you can run your business and make a profit. A Business Plan is an essential document which will enable you to: 

1.MANAGEMENT This section looks at how you will manage your business and who else will be involved.

It asks questions such as Why do you want to start this business? What experience do you have of working in this type of business? Who will make the decisions on what to spend and what to buy?

2.MARKETING This section looks at design of your product/service; pricing, where you will sell and how you will advertise.

3.FINANCE This section looks at money needed for the business, how much you will take in and how much you will pay out.

4. PRODUCTION This section looks at premises, equipment and materials needs for the business

Business Plan help is available for Back to work Enterprise Allowance documentations.
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