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Business Plan Writing service

Grand Business Plan assists start ups in launching their business and helps to reach their next stage of their development, whether that’s getting a new venture off the ground or expanding an existing company into a global market.
Our expert team of highly qualified experts have built a well proven consultancy service with emphasis on superior quality service, advice, research, strategic planning, sales & marketing, finance and fundraising.

Take A Step Forward In the Starting A Business

If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, Grand Business Plan offers a range of supports that will help you make the best start.
A commercially potential business idea enables your business to achieve new heights. You can become a business owner if you have gone through research and validation process. If you are passionate and have skills then soon you will see yourself as an owner of the successful business unit.
If these described features are present in you then you are ready to take your next step as an entrepreneur. Grand Business Plan is here with its quality services that will give you and your business a good potential start.
One of the first decisions you have to take is deciding on the most appropriate structure for your business. It will be whether to operate as a sole trader, as a partnership or as a limited company.
The choice you will make will have different financial implications for many areas of your business and personal life, including your own personal finance, level of risk, tax, national insurance, pensions, privacy, status and running costs.
Once we know your business objectives we can advise on how you should operate and explain how this will influence those factors listed above.

Effectual Business Planning Support

A business plan is a vital tool for an organization, from multinational companies to pre start up. What is the foremost thing that needs to be considered in this process? Potential partners, banks, investors or grand aid bodies are the prominent alternative in this context. Business planning is a process that may not sound valuable in the initial stage however it brings long term positive results in the end.
Grand business plans understand every business and its requirement is distinct from each other, therefore we offer solution likewise. We will help business owners in the cash flow and business plan forecasts. In any case, budget increases significantly; Business Plan Consultant Ireland will monitor that fluctuation and its impact on your business.



How We Work

We are able to put together a bespoke business plan for small startups as well as big companies.

Our business plan writing process

  • Initial Consultation
  • Business Plan Questionnaire
  • Draft Business Plan
  • Final Business Plan (unlimited iterations)