Loans or up to €25,000 raised by application to Microfinance.

The COVID-19 Business Loan from Microfinance Ireland is a government initiative.

Supports small businesses through the current challenges and protects job creation in Ireland. In this Paragraph, We discuss If your business impacted by COVID-19, and thus resulting in a reduction of 15% in turnover. Moreover, unable to secure finance from banks. Then, MFI COVID-19 Business Loan may be an option to help your business. Above all, Microfinance Loan used for working capital required by the business to manage COVID19.

How we help? 

We work to prepare your documents and financials at a time-frame that satisfies your requirements and budget. Our Expert Writers manage everything concerning the plan so you are free to concentrate on the other areas of your program.

Main document they seek is:

Professional Business Plan.
Cash Flow statements for First 12 Months
Cash Flow Statements for 2 later years.

Show the skills, experience, and qualifications of each member of the management team. Banks need to know they have what it takes to make your project work.

Projected Profit and Loss Account.
Management Accounts

This answers to key questions: Is there a proven market for your product or service? Who are your competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What is your client profile? What is your key competitive advantage?

Bank Statements
Applications forms
Debtors/Creditors Listing.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Firstly Business based in Ireland.
  • The applicant has a PPS number and has a tax clearance certificate.
  • Business Plan– a necessary piece for loan assessment.
  • Bank refusal
  • We assist businesses in preparing applications for Loans with Microfinance.
Interest Rate

Firstly, The current rate applicable to loans is 8.8% (APR). A lower interest rate of 7.8% (APR) is applied to successful loans that originate from the LEOs due to the perceived better quality of those applications.

Probability of Success
  • Firstly, 1,100 loan applications per annum,
  • 50% MFI loan approval rate i.e 550 successful applications.
  • Average loan €16,000 – btw €8 M- €9 M being granted per annum
  • 20% of bad debts.
  • 58% of approvals were start-ups businesses < 18 months
  • 42% of approvals granted to existing enterprises.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Business Plan Writers


​”I cannot thank Grand Business Plan enough for their superior service and for making the whole process quick and easy. Personable, wholly professional, and highly recommended.”

Peter Dodd

Hybrid Media Limited

I don’t know what else to say. This is something you haven’t seen before. Unique Plan, outstanding support.



CEO, My Irish Cousin

Grand Business Plans are very professional they know how to deal with clients, they work like a pro. I will come again soon with new project with them. 


Niall Lamont

CEO, Party Perfect Limited

We have engaged in Grand Business Plans for SBCI Funding. Their written plan worked well and we got funding for our business. We highly recommend their professionalism and dealing with Banks.


Abdul Aziz

DKF Accountants Limited, Director

Our Process

Contact us to schedule a call or meeting.

This usually takes about an hour. If you’ve got any research or even just a few notes, we’ll take a look at these before the call.The first step is for us to schedule a call or meet at our office in Dublin to go through all the details of your business.


Next, it’s over to us to get started on research to fill in any gaps and to start writing your plan.

We aim to get you a draft typically within 7-15 business days. We can also offer an express service if required.Next, it’s over to us to get started on research to fill in any gaps and to start writing your plan.

The final step is for you to review your draft and come back to us with any changes. 

We will then provide you with a PDF version and an editable version in Microsoft Word and Excel in case you need to make little changes later on.

Let’s get to work

Every business is unique. Our experienced writers will help you to get finance.

If you need any help you can call us directly on Phone: +353 14428230 Mobile/Whatsapp +353 851477625 or Fill the Contact form below


How much does business plan cost ?

Our fee is entirely reasonable, depending on task complexity.

What section will be included in Business Plan ?

Business plan structures vary depending on the client’s unique needs. All documents, though, include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.

Can you guarantee that my business plan will lead to successful fundraising?

We can guarantee that the business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with all loan requirements. 

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