SBCI Business Plan


The SBCI Covid-19 Working Capital Loan Scheme allows small to medium size business to get access to funding to re start their business after the closure. As per announcement, the scheme will operate from 26th March 2020 until 31st March 2021. 


  • It offers loan from 25,000 and can go upto a maximum of €1,500,000 per business (Subject to certain criteria)
  • Offers the low interest rate of 4% fixed
  • Duration of Loan may range from 12Month to Maximum of 3 Years.
  • No charges will apply if repaid early

You must provide a separate business plan when applying for a loan under the SBCI Covid-19 Working Capital Loan Scheme. The requirement for a business plan under the scheme is to assist you in reviewing your business and to plan for Covid-19 and future business strategies.    

Grand business plan has assisted many start up and growing companies raising finance through SBCI Scheme. Our consultants have a wide industry experience in drafting and presenting professional business plan meeting needs of funders.

How our process work?

You contact us by email or phone. Our consultant will be with you to get basic details about your business. Basic information we normally request are:

Name of business, Nature of Product or service being offered

Location of Business

Type of customers and Suppliers.

Detail about Revenues and costs expected.

Upon receiving basic information our consultants create a professional business plan for SBCI Requirements.


To book a consultation talk to us today at 01 4428230 or 0851477625. You can email us at info@grandbusinessplan.com