Financial Projections

Financial Projections for Business Plan, Loan Applications, and Investors.


Are you in need of Financial Projections for your new Startup in Ireland? If you are seeking to obtain financing for a new or existing business, you may find that you have to supply financial projections. 

Financial Projections are the most important element for any business plan whether presenting it to the lending companies such as Banks, Credit Unions or Private Lenders, Investors or Government Bodies, so it’s important to get them right.

Some founders for startup start their operation with huge optimism and energy but without a well thought out financial plan, business can not make a convincing business plan.

Why are financial projections important?

Banks or investors will usually ask you to prepare an income statement and balance sheet as a condition of evaluating your financial condition and considering you for a loan.

Financial Projections are used to attract investors or apply for a bank loan

Financial projections ensure funds are allocated to areas that meets objectives

Financial Projections are high level story of business numbers give a message what and how business will grow