Need a Business Plan Writer?

Grand Business Plan Writers are professional business plan developers. You may need a business plan for loan applications or to apply for grants with the Government or may need to pitch an idea to investors. A well-structured and presented Business Plan makes a huge difference when convincing your audience about your business.

Grand Business Plan will take the burden off your shoulders. No matter how complex your idea is, Our professional team has helped hundreds of startups and growing companies to transform their business idea into convincing propositions.

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How does Our Process work?

We only require input about your business such as:

  1. What is the Need for Business Plan? Funders want to see it in a professional format.
  2. Whether Business will operate as a sole trader, company, or partnership.
  3. What is the value proposition?
  4. How much revenue will generate in a year or weeks and costs involved

Our consultants may ask additional questions about your business. 

Upon receiving the basic information that is needed for a business plan, We look after the content. We research/analyze and even evaluate your idea and create a suitable business plan document.

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First of all, we need to understand what is the purpose of creating a business plan.


The purpose of a Business Plan is to identify, describe, and analyze a business opportunity and/or a business already underway, examining its technical, economic, and financial feasibility.

To identify market opportunities and what business offers in response to the opportunity. How businesses can meet the demand for products and services. Examine the operational, economic, and financial viability.

A Business Plan is a Vital and Must Have thing for most Businesses. It helps to make decisions from early on rather than looking back to business after 3-5 years. New startups have no luxury to experiment with things without planning and thinking but a well-thought-out business plan helps them to think in the right direction from early on of its launch.

A business plan is a road map of an organization or start-up. It lays the foundation of ideas and feeler what is the nature of the business, how it can exploit the market, how it will market and sell its offerings, and finally understanding of costs and revenues all stack up with the idea.

The business needs a business plan to present it to the funders or management about the business. It is very much like a cv (but a detailed one).

Starting or growing business and seek a professional well-structured business plan, our expert team not only writes up a business proposition but it can also benefit from our questioning and research-oriented team so that the business set to move in the right direction.

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Contact us to schedule a call or meeting.

This usually takes about an hour. If you’ve got any research or even just a few notes, we’ll take a look at these before the call.The first step is for us to schedule a call or meet at our office in Dublin to go through all the details of your business.

Next, it’s over to us to get started on research to fill in any gaps and to start writing your plan.

We aim to get you a draft typically within 7-15 business days. We can also offer an express service if required.Next, it’s over to us to get started on research to fill in any gaps and to start writing your plan.

The final step is for you to review your draft and come back to us with any changes. 

We will then provide you with a PDF version and an editable version in Microsoft Word and Excel in case you need to make little changes later on.

Bank Loan Applications

We assist in Business Loan applications with Irish Banks or other financial lenders.

Grants Applications

Our expert business plan team has experience in presenting plans to Enterprise Ireland.

Irish Investor Visa

Specialise in the area of Immigration Visa. We Provide business proposal for convincing Government

Micro Finance loan Applications

Micro finance was created by government in the context of many businesses were turned down by the banks in 2001. For small enterprises, loans or upto €25,000 can be raised by application to Microfinance.

SBCI Business Plan

SBCI funded business loans help startups and growing businesses to scale up its operations.


If you are buying a franchise business and they require you to present a suitably created business plan, we offer service for you

tender service

We produce winning bids. We make certain you’re best placed to acquire the company you want. 

financial projections

Financial Projections for Business Plans, Loan Applications, and investors.

county council business plan

We assist in creating a professional business plan for County Council applications.

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